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Listed below is community events in Zandronum! Use the table of contents to browse through the events!

Friday Night Fragfest


Friday Night Fragfest (or FNF for short) has been a tradition to SkullTag since the year 2004 and carries over to Zandronum! The current iteration has been running since 2010. FNF is where players from any country around the world can join in the provided FNF game servers and enjoy the intense event. Additionally, FNF hosts both competitive game modes and wad files for everyone to enjoy. Events could be capture the flag, standard free for all deathmatch, or even a four team possession!

FNF server availability
  1. Europe (Provided by TSPG BritSteel)
  2. North America (Provided by TSPG Painkiller)

Catch the latest FNF events in this forum section!

"Time to kick some ass, seabass!"
^ Remember this? This used to be the 'Message of the Day' displayed on the FNF events hosted by Brad Carney's TNC servers!

Saturday Night Survival

Sns banner.png

Saturday Night Survival (SNS for short), is the Non-PVP Zandronum counterpart of Friday Night Fragfest. It's main goals are Survival. That's it. The event was initially started by Vicious Pariah. Now It's awesome.

SNS server availability
Retired event

Catch the latest SNS events in nowhere because it's over.

"Hmm, ha ha!"
^ Remember this? Me neither!