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The Zandronum community has an official Discord server for players to find games, share projects, get help, or just chat with other users.


Using the Zandronum Discord requires creating a Discord account. To do so, sign up at https://discord.com. You can use Discord in a web browser, or as a separate app.

After creating an account, you can join using the invite link: https://discord.gg/2AmVySu


Important Stuff

  • #announcements: Important news about Zandronum.
  • #rules: Stuff you should really read!
  • #news: News about Doomseeker and notable communtity mods.
  • #the-hub: Other relevant servers about Doom and Zandronum.


  • #zandronum-general: General discussion about Zandronum.
  • #projects: Show off your Zandronum-related projects in this channel.
  • #events-tourneys: Events and tournaments are announced here.
  • #looking-for-game: Want to play? Find someone to play with here.
  • #modding-assistance: If you need help with modding, this is the place to ask.
  • #support: General non-modding related questions go here.


  • #general: Discuss anything not related to Zandronum.
  • #gaming: General gaming discussion.
  • #media: Share videos, pictures, music, etc. that you've made, or just find cool.

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