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This article documents a Zandronum-specific DECORATE feature which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.
Warning: This feature is deprecated and has been superceded by advanced DECORATE functionality. Usage in new projects is not recommended.

void A_CheckRailReload (void)


Jumps to Fire+8 if this function has not been called for the fourth time. It also checks if there is ammo left for the weapon.

Warning: This function is limited to Skulltag's railgun and it's derived classes!


    RLGG E 12 A_FireRailgun
    RLGG F 6 A_CheckRailReload
    RLGG G 6
    RLGG H 6
    RLGG I 6
    RLGG J 6
    RLGG K 6
    RLGG L 6
    RLGG A 6
    RLGG M 0 A_ReFire
    goto Ready