Zandronum Console Variables
Updated to: Zandronum 1.1.1 - Revision: 130718-2050
Command Description

AutoAim 35

When the integer is greater than zero, this changes the precision of AutoAim. This feature that was also included in both Doom and Doom2, allows the players to use AutoAim for horizontal purposes. While before, the Doom engine did not allow players to view angles in a horizontal sense. As ZDoom does allow this behavior in the software renderer, but the software renderer does not allow the players to view at extreme angles as opposed to GZDoom's OpenGL renderer.
integer Degrees Name
0 Never
0.25 .25° Very Low
0.5 .50° Low
1. Medium
2. High
3. Very High
35 - 56 35° - 56° Always
  • Note: Floating integers are also acceptable; 0-5000

More about AutoAim


AutoSaveCount 4

Specifies how many saves to automatically utilize. If using a greater number than one, this will allow the user to go back to a previous map or last known save that was automatically done.

Bot_AllowChat False

This CVar allows or disallows the bot from ever talking within the game.

BotSkill 3

Changes the skill level of the Zandronum bots.
  1. I Want My Mommy! [Easiest]
  2. I'm Allergic to Pain. [Easy]
  3. Bring it on. [Average]
  4. I Thrive off Pain. [Hard]
  5. Nightmare! [OMG]

Buckshot True

When true, enables the Buckshot game mode modifier.

Chat_Sound 2

This CVar allows the client to change the sound when a new chat message is sent to all clients.
  1. Disable chat sound
  2. Use the default chat sound
  3. Only utilize the Doom 2 (ring) chat sound
  4. Only utilize the Ultimate Doom (tap) chat sound

CL_AllowMultipleAnnouncerSounds True

When true, this will allow more than one announcement to be played. However, if false only one announcement will be played at a time.

CL_AlwaysPlayFragsLeft True

When true, the announcer will repeat how many frags are left in a competitive game mode. Such occasions for this settings being, both opponents are three frags before reaching the FragLimit. Additionally, if the winning player suicides or losses a frag during the game, the announced frags left will be stated again.

CL_BackupCommands 0

Specifies how many backup copies of old move or weapon select commands (up to three) the client will send to the server per tic. This is useful if the client is suffering from noticeable packet loss, but due to the increased outbound net traffic, it's recommended that it only be enabled in those cases.

CL_CapFPS False

When true, the game is limited to 35 FPS, as it was originally in Doom. When false, the game frame rate will be as high as your machine is capable of. You can use this in conjunction with vid_vsync to control whether or not the maximum frame rate is restricted to your monitor's refresh rate.

CL_DontRestoreFrags False

When false, the clients frag count will be stored and used again when playing on the same server again after disconnecting from a server.

CL_DrawCoopInfo True

When enabled, this will display the status of other players (health, armor, weapon, and ammo) in cooperative related game modes and team based game modes.

CL_HitScanDecalHack True

When true, decals should properly display when the bullet puff impacts a wall.

CL_Icons True

When true, the player is able to see the icons over other players head, including the clients player.

CL_IdentifyTarget True

When false, the other player's name will not be shown on the HUD. By default, this is set to true.

CL_Medals True

When true, the player can view own and other players medals if earned ingame.

CL_OldFreeLookLimit False

When false, this increases the Software's freelook to +/-56 degrees and thus allowing the client to view at extreme angles that were never possible before.

CL_Password "AlDaddyBundy"

When used, this will allow the clients with the correct password key to access the server; however, CL_Password must be set with the key before attempting to join the server.

CL_ProtectCVars True

When true, any CVars that were modified by ConsoleCommand will be restored to their original values upon exiting the game. This is used to prevent mods from changing a user's settings permanently, even maliciously. Note that manually changing a CVar's value still archives the new value, as expected.

CL_RespawnOnFire True

When true, this will allow the players to respawn without having to press the spacebar or any binded key for '+use'.

CL_ShowCommands False

Displays all of the commands that is coming from the server to the player.

CL_ShowFullScreenVote False

This CVar allows the user to view further information regarding the 'called vote.' When true, this will display who called the vote, what the vote effects, and the users that have casted their votes. However, when false, the 'called vote' will only display what the vote effects, and how many players voted.

CL_ShowLargeFragMessages True

When true and a player fragged an opponent, a large message will appear in the middle of the HUD stating that a player was fragged, but also displays if the client himself was fragged by another player. (e.i Tiger was fragged by Rivecoder!)

CL_Skins 2

Used to toggle certain skins or to disable skins. However, if the client does not have the SkullTag Fun Skin Pack, this CVar will not make any noticeable changes
  1. Disable all skins, but only display the normal Doom player skin.
  2. Allow all skins available.
  3. Disable cheat skins (Hissy, Doomcrate, Romero, and Daisy}

CL_SoundWhenNotActive True

If enabled, the Windows client will keep playing sound as normal when the client is not the currently active application.

CL_SpectatorMove 2

Controls the speed of movement while spectating. Default is 1.

CL_StartAsSpectator True

When true, forces the client to spectate the game before automatically joining ingame once connected to the server. When this CVar is false, the client is automatically forced to join in the game.

CL_STFullScreenHUD True

When true, this CVar will allow the use of the Zandronum HUD to be displayed. This HUD can display flag, skull, terminator, and who possess the Hell Stone information during the game play. However when the value false the standard Doom HUD will be used instead. This will only display the current health/ammor and ammunition for the selected weapon.

CL_TicsPerUpdate 3

This value is how many tics it takes the client to update the positions of other clients based on server data. In between server data updates, other client positions are extrapolated as traveling in their current directions at their current velocities. The lower the value, the higher bandwidth consumption will be. The values that can be used are limited to only 1 tic, 2 tics, and 3 tics.
  • Time measured in tics; Doom tics 35 == 1 sec
  • Default value is 3 tics

CL_Unlagged True

When False, the client's own hitscan weapon hits will not use unlagged reconcilation, regardless of the server's Unlagged CVar.

CL_UseOriginalWeaponOrder True

When true, this CVar will cycle through the clients weapons that are available in inventory while using the 'WeapNext' and 'WeapPrev' CCMD. However, when this is false, the client will scroll through a specified weapon order.

Con_ColorInMessages 2

Allows the user to toggle if colors are processed in player names and chat messages.
  1. Disallow all colors.
  2. Allow all colors.
  3. Only allow colors from the clients name, but not the chat messages.

CrashLogs 2

When the value of adjusting how Zandronum automatically treats all crash reports.
  1. Crashdump files are not generated. [Not recommended]
  2. Crash dialog window is displayed asking the user for the prompted actions.
  3. Crashdump files are generated without user interaction and placed within a specific directory that is defined in the 'CrashLog_Dir'

CrashLog_Dir "F:\Zandronum\CrashDump"

Specifies where the automatically generated crash dump files should be located.

Demo_Compress True

Enable or disable demos from being compressed.

Demo_Pure True

Enable or disable demo authentication. With this enabled, protected lumps and maps will be checked to prevent demo playback with bad WADs. If demo authentication fails, the list of WADs the demo was recorded with is printed as a hint for the user.

DisableAutoSave False

When true, this will disable the AutoSave feature when advancing to the next map.

Domination True

When true, enables the Domination game mode.

DuelLimit 5

When set to a value greater than zero, the server will go to the next map after the duel limit quota has been reached.

FOV 100

Allows the user to alter his 'field of view'.

More info about FoV.

  • Default value is 90

FragLimit 50

When the value is greater than zero, players in a Deathmatch related game mode must reach the FragLimit quota. When the FragLimit has been reached, players are advanced to the next map. However, if the Duel CVar is true, players can only advance to the next match once the DuelLimit has been reached.

GL_Billboard_Mode 1

This CVar controls how Sprites are rendered in the OpenGL environment.
  1. y axis billboard is only rendered. (PAPER THIN SPRITES!)
  2. x/y axis billboard is rendered.

GL_Interpolate_Model_Frames True

MD2/DMD/MD3 model frame interpolation

GL_NoGL False

Disables the OpenGL renderer and forces the Software renderer, but Zandronum must restart in order to make such changes.

GL_Particles_Style 2

This CVar controls how particles are rendered in the OpenGL environment.
  1. Square
  2. Round
  3. Smooth

GL_Texture_Format 3

OpenGL texture compression
  1. RGBA8
  2. RGB5_A1
  3. RGBA4
  4. RGBA2
  6. S3TC_DXT1
  7. S3TC_DXT3
  8. S3TC_DXT5

GL_Texture_HQResize 1

This controls how 'detailed' the renderer is set by.
  1. No scaling
  2. Scale2x
  3. Scale2x algorithm
  4. Scale3x algorithm
  5. Scale4x algorithm
  6. Maxim Stepin's hq2x/3x/4x pixel upsampling algorithm
  7. HQ2x algorithm
  8. HQ3x algorithm
  9. HQ4x algorithm

GL_Texture_HQResize_MaxInputSize 512

If the texture and/or sprite width or height exceeds the value of this CVar, then the texture or sprite will not be upsampled while using the Scale algorithm. [Default: 512]

GL_Texture_HQResize_Target 0

This specifies which should be rendered while using the Scale algorithm. [Default: 0]
  1. Upsample everything if plausible from the 'GL_Texture_HQResize_MaxInputSize' CVar
  2. Sprites and Fonts only should be upsampled

GL_Use_Models True

If true, this enables the use of 3D Models. All ACTORS will be replaced with available 3D Models. But if the ACTOR does not have a 3D Model, then it will remain using standard SPRITES.

GL_Vid_Compatibility False

This CVar reverts the OpenGL to version 1.1 to be the renderer. However, use this CVar if the graphics card is having difficulty with the current version (2.1). Some features will not be rendered within the map, for example, horizon lines.

Handicap 45

When used, the player's health will be decreased to the new value specified when spawned. For example, if the player's handicap is set to 20, then the players health when spawned will be set as 80.
  • Expression: 100-20=80

Instagib True

When true, enables the Instagib game mode modifier.

Invasion True

When true, enables the Invasion game mode.

LastManStanding True

When true, enables the 'Last Man Standing' game mode.

LMSAllwedWeapons 4

Allows the use to toggle what weapons are available in the 'Last Man Standing' game mode. This CVar uses values from other LMSFlags.


  • [Formerly Skulltag_MasterIP]
Sets the value for sending discoverable packets to the 'Zandronum Master Server'. When the individual server or clusters of servers are publicly available to the Zandronum player base (whether official or another community), this sends a discovery packet to the server along with other information and notifies that the server(s) are available.
  • Official Zandronum Master Server:

MaxViewPitch 90

Limits the maximum pitch of freelook. Can be used to limit OpenGL players' freelook to the same as Software by setting MaxViewPitch to 56.

Name "My Player Name"

Sets the clients 'Player name'.
  • Note: The Name CVar can not exceed thirty one characters.

PointLimit 5

This sets how many points are needed in order to win the game. This CVar is mainly used for CTF and SkullTag game modes.

Possession True

When true, enables the Possession game mode.

QueryIWAD True

If true, this CVar will display the Zandronum Welcome Screen. From this screen, the user can select which IWAD to utilize for the session. This CVar, however, will only take effect when Zandronum restarts.

R_DrawPlayerSprites True

When set to false, the players weapon that is displayed on HUD will be hidden and not rendered.

R_DrawSpectatingString True

When the value is true, this will display a "Spectating - Press USE to join" message while spectating. However, when false, this message is not displayed.

R_MaxParticles 4000

When the value is greater than zero, this allows and controls how many particles that can be displayed and rendered. If the integer is zero, no particles will be displayed and rendered.
  • Default is 4000

Skill 3

Sets the difficulty of the overall game when monsters are present. This CVar is usually is intended for cooperative based games.
  1. I'm too young to die. [Easiest]
  2. Hey, not too rough. [Easy]
  3. Hurt me plenty. [Average]
  4. Ultra-Violence. [Hard]
  5. Nightmare! [WTF?]

Skulltag True

Skulltag the game mode.

Survival True

When true, enables the Survival game mode.

SwitchOnPickUp 0

When toggled, the player can either never automatically switch weapons on pickup, switch if the weapon is higher ranked, or always switch.
  1. Never automatically switch
  2. Only automatically switch to higher ranked weapons
  3. Always automatically switch

TeamLMS True

When true, enables the 'Team Last Man Standing' game mode.

Terminator True

When true, enables the Terminator game mode.

TimeLimit 5

When set, the players within the game have a certain amount of minutes to complete the game. This CVar works mainly for competitive game modes, omitting cooperative game modes.

TeamDamage 1.00

Sets the team damage (friendly fire) factor between players within the same team or allies in cooperative. 0.00 means friendly fire disabled, 1.00 means full team damage, 0.50 is half damage etc.

TeamPossession True

When true, enables the 'Team Possession' game mode.

Turbo 100

Sets the speed of the player. If less than a hundred the player will move slow, but if the value is greater than a hundred the player will move fast. The standard value is 100.

Vid_Renderer 1

Allows the user to toggle between video renderers of either OpenGL or Software mode.
  1. Software mode (Basic, limited, like Doom)
  2. OpenGL mode (eyecandy)

WinLimit 5

When a value is greater than zero, players or teams in the 'Last Man Standing' game mode will have a certain amount of wins to accomplish before advancing into the next map. However, if the integer is zero, the map will never change.

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