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Listed below, is Last Man Standing flags, that you can set up and control what weapons can be used, and control the spectator options.


Flag Name Value Description
lms_allowpistol 1 Gives the players a Pistol.
lms_allowshotgun 2 Gives the players a Shotgun.
lms_allowssg 4 Gives the players a Super shotgun.
lms_allowchaingun 8 Gives the players a Chaingun.
lms_allowminigun 16 Gives the players a Minigun.
lms_allowrocketlauncher 32 Gives the players a Rocket Launcher.
lms_allowgrenadelauncher 64 Gives the players a Grenade Launcher.
lms_allowplasma 128 Gives the players the Plasma gun.
lms_allowrailgun 256 Gives the players the Railgun.
lms_allowchainsaw 512 Gives the players a Chainsaw.


Flag Name Value Description
lms_spectatorchat 1 Allows spectators to chat with other players that are still alive.
lms_spectatorview 2 Allows spectators to view and spy on other players that are still alive.
lms_spectatorvoicechat 4 (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Controls whether (dead) spectators may use the voice chat to talk with live players while the game's in progress.

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