Here is a partial list of mods that are working on Zandronum, classified by game type.

The following links shown on this page are pretty much the original threads and pages from each mod; the versions might differ with the Euroboros or TSPG ones, so you might try looking for that mod in these server clusters (or alternatively, in the wad repositories, on the External Links section) to get the most updated version of that mod. If there is no link for a certain mod, look for it on Euroboros or TSPG.

Want to post your wonderful mod here? Even if it's a classic old timer, a modern revolutionary new timer, a map pack, a single map, a total conversion, an inspiration from another game, an original idea, a controversial, underplayed one, or even a skinpack, ALL OF THEM ARE WELCOME IN THIS LIST.

The only condition to appear here is MUST WORK WITH ZANDRONUM.

External links

WAD repositories

If you want to search deeper for wads, these wad repositories and server clusters are good places to look around.

Best-Ever archive

Doom ports, rips, and total conversions

For those mods that are a literal reference to other games, if not the exact version of it.

Total conversions

All doom mods that are 1:1 to the external games

  • Aliens (TC) 2017: Aliens TC by Justin Fisher, based on the movie Aliens, was the first total conversion for Doom (infact the first total conversion for any game) and is one of the most famous. in the week following the release of Doom II, there was more discussion in the Doom newsgroups related to Aliens TC than Doom II.
  • Alphatius DM: Inspired by Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament, this mod brings a fresh Arena Shooter experience to the Doom Engine. Features unique weapons, new abilities, and updated game mechanics.
  • Death-Foretold (D4T): Doom 4 (2016), but in Doom 2. Made by DBThanatos.
  • Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch: An amazing work from Cutman Mike to bring our favorite blue robot to the doom dimension. Except it transcended popularity because he made it in a literal IWAD, and now it's just something different than Doom. It has a whole community forum there too!
  • Metroid: Dreadnought: is a mod for Doom II inspired by both Prime and Super, aiming to combine the speed and weapons of Super Metroid with the hectic gunplay of Metroid Prime. It provides an experience both hectic and fun in both singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • GoldenEye 64: James Bond went down to hell and, uuuuh, I dunno, grabbed some weapons and started blasting? I don't know, but hey, the weapons from the N64 game are there!
  • Quake Champions - Doom Edition (QCDE): Is a mod that brings the weapons from the latest Quake game into Doom with delicious pixelated flavor. More than just weapons, it also brings the "Champions" mechanic: different player classes, each with a unique status, speed, and active and passive abilities.


Sprites taken from external games are replaced, painted, or added to our favorite boomer shooter.

  • Counter Strike Doom: Martian Offensive: Counter-Strike Weapon Rips, but Now in Doom
  • Doosk: Dusk weapons and some extra stuff are on in Doom. Yup, Dusk and Doom.
  • Half-Life 2: Half-Life 2 weapons rip for Doom.
  • Perfect Dark: Weapons from the Perfect Dark N64 Game, ripped to Doom.
  • Quake 4 Weapons Rip: Quake 4 Weapons into Doom.
  • Titan (Alaphent's Doom '16 Rip): Doom (2016), but in Doom 2! And with some extra stuff from Alaphet's rips.
  • Turok Doom: The one that started it all. It's Murden64's TurokDoom. Created in 2010, This mod has weapons from the first two Turok games, and raptor invasion. While dated, It was nice for it's time by having the weapons ripped from the game itself.

Doom ports

If something exists, there might be a doom port for it. It doesn't need to be perfect to be a reference.

  • Ao Oni Mansion: A Doom port of Ao Oni's RPG Maker game. Beware of the Blue Demon.
  • Deathrun (and a extra map, Death16): Run, race to the finish before the time runs out! And be wary of the activator's traps!
  • Doom World War 2: Is a love letter to classic Medal of Honor, Call Of Duty, And Return to Castle Wolfenstein!
  • Minesweeper on Doom ( Doomguy got bored and decided to play some Minesweeper.
  • Mortal Kombat DooM: Yes. There is a Doom port, and it works on Zandronum. Now go do your fatalities!
  • Prop Hunt: Yes, I took it from Gary's Mod. As a hunter, destroy the living possessed props; as a prop, hide, taunt, and run until the timer runs out.
  • Scapegrace Demise: Dare to witness the weird? Creepy, disgusting, and strange monsters are lurking arround the place, and now they are attacking the earth! A team Deathmatch between Humans and SNPCs, based on a Garry's Mod monster pack!
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat Doom: MOOORTAL KOOOMBAAAAAT! but in the player classes!
  • Worms Doom: But instead of worms, are marines. But still plays similar as Worms!

Standalone mods

Mods that are good by themselves that they deserved ther own section. These ones are playable in deathmacth and cooperative games.

  • Doom Vercetti: A partial conversion for GZDoom (also works in Zandronum too) in which you play as a female super soldier (Blossom, from the Power Puff Girls decided to retire, and work as a mercenary).
  • MSPaintDoom: What if Doom was painted with just the MS paint program? this is the answer.
  • Ni'mRoD: A skulltag modification bringing new weapons skins and maps to the scene.
  • Project Hellfire: 20 New weapons, first-aid medikits, alt-fires for all the weapons, compiled down in a single pack!
  • Samsara (+Reincarnated): ZDoom's mega crossover. Every shooter characters on the early 2000's and 1990's are now in a single place! Doomguy, Duke Nukem, Ranger, Caleb, BJ Blazkowicz, Gordon Freeman, Grunts, Strife soldiers, Hexen classes, Heretic wanderers, and more characters that they don't fit in my lil' brain memory!
  • Super Demon: M.O.P. but, for one single powerful boss monster, one player is transformed into a boss and everyone else needs to team up to kill him basically.
  • Super Skulltag (and some extra weapons), ++ Version: is a mod created for Skulltag, with the intent of making the original Doom 2 gameplay far more addictive and satisfying while keeping most of the original gameplay balance the same. Also, this mod improves Doom 2's general aesthetics hundredfold. Overall, this mod was made to really spice up the otherwise "classic" play and feel of Doom 2-under-ST and present a new, refreshing style of playing 1993's Doom.
  • Tourettes Doom: Not long ago, BigBox141 looked up on Youtube, "Tourettes Guy in Doom". To BigBox141's surprise, most mods were either dead, or weren't what met up to BigBox141's expectations. After discussing with BigBox141's good friends ThePhen0menalGamer, and (BOSS) C4RNAGE, BigBox141 had a big idea. To make a completely game-changing mod based on Tourettes Guy. Thus, this mod has come to life.
  • Zarkov goes to the Store: Spawned from the tepid waters of a stagnant project of mine. This weaponset follows the chronicles of General Zharkov into the line between reality and fiction. Go to the Store to discover weapons such as missile walls, rice guns, ricochet rifles, and projectile rainers. Go to the Store to discover a wealth of insanity, one step after the other a fight for survival from oneself. Go to the Store, Zharkov. Destiny.

Deathmatch and competitive mods

Shoot somebody else, and fight for the first place. Frag or be Fragged is the natural rule of the following mods.

Standalone mods

Deathmach or Competitive mods that are so good and so stand-alone by themselves that they almost feel like you're playing something else than doom.

  • DeathRace(on TSPG): Gaas! Gaaas! GAAAS! I wanna step on the gas! A racing mod with guns. Race to the finish and destroy your competitors with your guns!
  • DUBG - Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds (a.k.a Doom Fortnite):is a mod that adds a bunch o' weapons to Doom and makes the experience a bit more varied but without absolutely murdering balance. It has also neat stuff like cars and PvP+PvE glory kills, along with a small filesize, It's also compatible with Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest and Square.
  • Push: Smash bros in Doom. You got guns to push, touch the dead zone and you're out.
  • Who Dun It (M.A.X): Among Us, but in Doom. Somebody murdered someone! Who Dun it? Kill the murderer or Kill the innocents as the murderer.
  • Zombie horde/Bagel horde : Zombies/Bagels are infecting the humans, slay the zombies/bagels or infect the humans as them.
  • ZDoom Wars: You have an army of demons/zoids/monsters/drones. Guide them to the victory, crushing your foes using your god-hand troop maker.

Team games

The eternal war of red demons vs blue demons. But in different flavors.

  • All Out War: A team based game with a lot of weapons, mechs and a lot of packed action!
  • Capture Point Systems: A gamemode similar to that of Control Points from Team Fortress 2. Capture all points to win.
  • Deathball: A new game mode based off of Bombing Run from Unreal Tournament 2004, somewhat similar to One-Flag CTF. A ball spawns in the middle of the map, and a team has to grab it and jump into a pit inside the enemy base with it to score. After a few seconds, the ball respawns. While carrying the ball, the player can only use one weapon; one that throws the ball, so he can pass to another teammate. If the ball is out of play for some period of time, it respawns in the center.
  • Dominatrix: A more customizable Domination gamemode. Compatible with any deathmatch map with a patch wad, making it very modular. Also Compatible with ZDaemon.
  • Doom Fortress: A Team Fortress 2 based mod in Skulltag/Zandronum. Contains all 9 classes and many mechanics that make TF2 a game worth playing.
  • Future Fortress : A Crossover mod based on the Team Fortress series and gameplay. with 6 teams based on 5 different franchises (TF2, Halo, DOOM, Counter Strike, Wolfenstein) that are separated into 9 classes each. Each team/franchise is then randomly assigned a team number, and players choose a team, followed by 1 of 9 classes from the team they chose. Gameplay is continued from there and should support all team based gamemodes as well as FFA modes via mod specific CVars
  • Hell vs Marines (TSPG): Same as GvH but in a vanilla-ish theme, keeping the never-ending rivality of humans vs demons!
  • Ghouls vs Humans: The main star of team-games!,dark scary ghouls vs fierce human warriors, who will win?
  • Inhuman Monstrosity: A team-based PvP mod, created to profile his deep, dark fantasies about his own multiplayer mod with Tchernobog and playerclasses.


Mods exclusive to deathmatch, bringing weapons to the battlefield.

  • FC-Breach A Tactical World War II-themed mod with many classes, nations, and weapon types!
  • Insanity DM: Crazy overkill randomness with lots of different weapons, powerups and player explosions!
  • Penance 2 DM: Welcome to the Deathmatch Iteration of Penance 2, for Zandronum and DOOM 2! Battle in the eldritch and brutalist plaines of Purgatory and the medieval battle grounds of the Jade castle!
  • Terminator, Arena mod: Well. He DID come back. Play as The Terminator, and terminate your enemies in this Doom DM mod!
  • Torlation: A Halo inspired Doom themed mod. It is heavily inspired gameplay wise to the Halo franchise and contains many of it's key gameplay mechanics.

Cooperative mods

No matter if you're hosting a survival or cooperative server. These mods on the list will spice your journey in any map you wish.

Standalone gameplay mods

Coop mods that are so good and so stand-alone by themselves that they almost feel like you're playing something else than doom.

  • Boss battles!: Challenging and powerful demons awaits you!
  • Bosses from hell: More bosses!
  • Caco Invasion!: Do you like cacos? Ye we like cacos!, do you like bosses? ye we like bosses, do you like invasions? ye we like invasions, dududuru this mod is for you!
  • Death and Decay (DnD): Doom's WoC Equivalent, make a character and fight! Careful, there is permadeath.
  • Demon-Steele (Git): Metal + Anime = Kickass.
  • Doom 64: Retribution (zandronum vanilla experience / coop softlock patch, brightmaps, music): Play Doom 64 in Doom 2, now redone for the best experience!
  • Endless Relentless: A cooperative survival mod, with a distinguishing feature to generate [LA]-styled random levels and trials in realtime!
  • Hunter's Moon: Did you liked Quake III: Arena, and you were annoyed because there is was'nt any sort of campaign game mode for it like it was done in the past 2 games? Well this mod aims to give the cooperative word into the world Quake III Arena, including some additions more, and of course player classes!
  • IkaDoom: What if we mix Ikaruga, that Bullet Hell with Doom?, IkaDoom Is that. IkaDoom is a modding exercise made in about 2 weeks, a very simple mod in which the gameplay of Ikaruga is brought into doom, bringing the 2 polarities black red - white blue to everything, as well as the absorption of the projectiles that you can unleash in a free and powerful attack, tested in GZDoom 4.7.0, and Zandronum 3.0.
  • Real Guns Advanced 2 Refined (RGA2 Refined): Realistic weapons on Doom? Custom player classes? Stat saving? Hell yea.
  • Shotgun Frenzy Plus: Buy stuff, teleport, kill, repeat. Defend the cores and build your base while killing thousands of demons.
  • Stronghold (or Samarahold with Samsara) Rejuvenated: A bit slow-paced, but tactic. Defend your core, or protect the perimeter from the demonic waves.
  • Wrath Of Chronos (WoC): Hexen's RPG medieval playstyle, but on steroids.
  • Zombie Torrent 2: Coop/invasion mod much like Killing Floor. Buy weapons, survive the waves and face powerful zombies in this greatly worked on mods!

Weapons and monster mods

Addons to flavor your survival/coop maps!

  • Angelic Aviary: An enemy replacement mod that pits Doomguy against the forces of heaven; beautiful angelic warriors bent upon freezing the earth solid and incorporating it into heaven.
  • Armed Veteran/Armed Recruit: A player class mod based on marines, heavily vanilla, and focused a lot in the balance.
  • Brink Mod: Monsterovich did a mod with a lot of tactical weapons, meant to be used in PvP.
  • BD Rebalance: Schism (Discord): It brings a lot of new features like unique spell combat and magic craft, Mortal Kombat-like melee combat system, alongside with tons of spritework, such as multiple third person view execution sprites for each monster of all three games. Schism is one of the most advanced and thick mods with Zandronum compatibility. Like Project Brutality but for Zandronum.
  • Brutal Doom: Rip and tear, rip and teaaaar!
  • Combined Arms: 4Chan's Ideas made weapons!
  • Complex Doom, LCA addon, Clusterf*ck addon compilation, and God Complex: A ton of additions to spice your doom cooperative game.
  • Dakka: Mildly overpowered weapons mod mostly meant for Slaughtermaps.
  • Go Medieval In Their Asses (GMOTA): Thy weapons are now medieval, and thy enemy punishment, is DEATH!
  • Insanity Survival: Insanity DM, but in cooperative maps.
  • HellSpawn: Posess a Doom monster and fight like one!
  • Hocus Pocus!: A monster randomizer solely for the purpose of spicing up map packs (and some weapon/class mods) when you generally just wanna fuck a bunch of different monsters up.
  • Master Of Puppets (MOP)(Ixtra): a multiplayer mod for Zandronum, that allows playing in the skin of a monster. As a monster, must prevent the players from reaching to the exit. And monster players can manipulate one monster after another.
  • Prime Target (Zandronum compatible): This is a mod started by Trevor402 for GZdoom, he had abandoned it. This is the updated version for Zandronum. It is the weapons and soldiers of prime target for Zandronum.
  • Rouge - Payback Edition: This is a weapons/characters mod with a whole bunch of stuff, designed to be used mostly in modern settings.
  • Styx: Endless Crusade: Fight the Serpent Riders and other demonic influences in a neverending crusade against evil.
  • Super Charge: A mapping resource for GZDoom/Zandronum, with new and altered monsters and weapons, which can also be used as a gameplay mod. It is the continuation of the gameplay mod featured in Paradise, and I intend to continue iterating on it and using it in my future mapping projects.
  • OMGWeapons (and Monsters): Good ol' weapons recoloured in celebration of decorate's weapon additions.
  • OPWeapons(Updated to v44): Empyre's weapons mod with really overpowered vanilla weapons.

Random mods

For the casual players who wants to have some good time, have some laughs and seek rarities in the doom community.

Party mods

Play them with people! Let the chaos begin!

  • Bring Your Own Class! (BYOC): Multiple player classes from multiple games. Including Peppino from Pizza Tower!
  • Dodgeball: We ballin'. Throw balls and hit your enemies while dodging their balls. Ye, a lot of balls.
  • Doomware: Minigames in a minute, like Warioware!
  • Fartyguns: Ha Ha funny gun go brrrr. A mod (weapons and monsters), with a LOT of shitpost.
  • Floppy Disk Mod: Zandronum's multiplayer mods, in a LMS (or TLMS) nutshell, and MEMES.
  • Football: Ancara Messi. Also known as Soccer, in doom.
  • Hellshots Golf: As far removed from running and gunning and shooting demons as you can get. An experience you can get anywhere else, a mod like you have played before, approved by at least two out of fifteen users. Yes, golf in Doom.
  • Idiotic / Stupid LMS: Survive in this goofy aah party-like game!
  • Jumpmaze: Jump, Jump, and Jump to the finish.
  • No Hell 2: Gold Edition: A Deathmatch-based mod filled to the brim with joke weapons, maps, skins, and even gamemodes!
  • Piano: A map where you can play with a piano, drumset and other instruments to make your own music with a plasma rifle! Makes sense? Nou, but who cares? Play a song with your friends!
  • Sectorcraft(and a addon, Awesomecraft): A sandbox mod where you can build and spawn enemies at your will with your weapons!

Free-roam maps and clan HQs

In the time where the clan names meant something, they did their own bases just for the hangout. Now that they are old enough to cringe about it, they are still worth a mention.

  • 7DS HQ: 'Nother Headquarters for the 7DS clan.
  • A3 HQ: Another Headquarters for the A3 Clan. A big competitive one.
  • BH HQ: BH Headquarters' map.
  • Corporate HQ: Yup, you guessed it. Yet another Headquarters for the Corporate Clan
  • DMU HQ: Yet another HQ for the DMU clan.
  • Doomcenter: Your trigger-fingers are tired? Well, why not stroll around the city and take a break?
  • Forsaken Riders (FSR) HQ: The main star of HQ maps, with weapons, custom monsters and a lot of bs.
  • F5 HQ: A old Skulltag HQ from the old clan F5.
  • HSX HQ: Yet one more map for the HSX clan.
  • MAG HQ: So it is said. The first clan to start this trend of making Headquarters for the clans.
  • Marshmellow HQ: The headquarters of the Marshmellow.
  • Secteur Lambda (SL) HQ: The SL Headquarters! with cool music too.
  • Skrols Home (SKR): A humble HQ from a non-competitive clan.
  • TRB HQ: A map for the headquarters of the TRB clan
  • TFR HQ: Aaand another maps for the headquarters of the TFR clan
  • 2 more are down here, but they are separated from this section for some nsfw content.

Addon mods

Universal mods that they are good additions into anything that you want to host.


Mods that adds something cool for any kind of mods.

  • ACSTris: Ijon Tichy dunked on Linguica's DoomTetris by doing a literal better Tetris in Doom. So, thanks for that small competition, now you can play Tetris in Doom... and yeah that's it.
  • Doom Board: Rankings on your server! Speedrun, kill amount and other things worthy of a highscore!
  • Doom IWAD brightmaps: For your shiny looks in your OpenGL Zandronum!
  • Doom 3 Textures for Doom: Paint your doom map, to the doom 3 textures!
  • Emote System: Have you ever wanted to express yourself after getting spawn fragged, but typing something into chat is too much work?Presenting the Emote System™ for multiplayer Doom (Zandronum)! With a single button, you open a menu, drag the mouse, and express yourself!
  • Footsteps: Hear your steps while moving across the maps.
  • Hats! (on TSPG): Ooooh, Nice hat you got there!, you don't like a bald helmet? Then this mod lets you choose any hat as a cosmetic for your helmet!
  • Kill rewards: An utility(? mod to drop ammo for the dead monsters and players.
  • TDBots: Zandronum bots sucks, so, TDRR made them from scratch and now they are customizable and smarter than before.
  • Rainbow Monsters: It's a recreation of Mikk's CHAMPIONS mod, but this time built exclusively for Zandronum. Not only that, but similarly to the original mod, it has compatibility with all the IWADs, all DEHACKED mods, and most, if not all, DECORATE mods!
  • Supreme Invasion: This is a mod based on AlysiumX's Ultimate Invasion DM, adapted to not replace the monsters and instead their DoomEd numbers only, so now it should work with most gameplay mods (Except OMG Weapons and Monsters for some reason). It allows you to play invasion on any DM map, and also SP maps (though it may not work as well there). From v7 onwards, it's now perfectly playable online!
  • Skulltag Content: Miss the additions that made skulltag what it was? Well, your favorite extra runes, weapons, monsters, maps, bots and everything else are here in this pk3. Sometimes this pk3 is required to play some servers, but your favorite doom wad seeker might download it automatically.
  • Universal Bump Mapping: Do you know those tools to generate normal maps from height maps people always feed regular colored textures to, and the result comes out super greasy and crap? Well, this is basically that, but made into an universal shader. As long as there's a dynamic light you'll see fully bump-mapped textures, with no support required from the mapset or IWAD or whatever you're playing!
  • Universal Legs: Adds clientside player legs when looking down using free look.
  • Universal Possesion: Well, as the name implies, it's like one of those possession mods where you can play as a monster... the fun thing about this one, though, is that it works with any mod, any IWAD, and any monster (except maybe some advanced ZScript ones?)! Yes, that includes even Brutal Doom, which is enough sign that it should work with practically anything you throw at it.
  • Varied Doom: Inspired largely by Marshmallow Doom, comes a pretty configurable universal randomizer, including the options to toggle randomization of: Weapons, Health, Armor, Bonuses, Monsters, Powerups and... Treasure?!
  • zAIM: A console-like gameplay mod for a slow-paced gameplay. You can pick First Person or Third Person aim modes. Pick easy, normal difficulties to enjoy.

Skin packs

Don't like the default Doomguy? These mods contains a lot of skins to roleplay into any kind of character!

Also check this cool page in The Epidermis Emporium with a lot of skins!


Because announcing your achievements never sounded cooler after someone well known announces it!

  • S.A.M TTS: Popular C64/Atari 8 bit family/Apple II Text to speech. A.K.A The father John from Faith. Or the Fannon's V1 voice from Ultrakill.
  • SthepONIe: GladOS voice.
  • Old Skulltag Announcers: Miss the old skulltag announcers? Well, have a whole pack of them from 94c to 97d skulltag builds!
  • Uncle Had: A friend of Kaapeli47 did this announcer!
  • Xander Mobus (+ A.I extra voices): Also known as the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate's Announcer.
  • Quake 3: The announcer of Quake 3 Champions.


You don't like your current crosshair? Good! these addons will give you different crosshairs!

Music packs

Here it counts any kind of soundtrack mod for your server, play some music alone or with your friends!

  • Wip

Mod Resources

These are places for mod developers to get resources and assets for their own mods. PLEASE STILL CREDIT THE CREATOR/SOURCE OF SAID CONTENT, EVEN THOUGH IT IS FREE TO USE, DOESN'T MEAN THAT CREDIT IS NOT REQUIRED

GunLabs : Tutorials on creation of weapons via DECORATE.

Realm667 : Very popular resource for enemies, weapons, textures and decorations. Some code isn't Zandronum compatible, however the assets are just as serviceable on both Zandronum and GZDoom

ZDoom Forums "Resources" Section :Contains various resources by various authors. Credit should still be given to the individual when used

Map packs and maps

Wads and megawads with a lot of maps designed to be played on with any mod that you wish.

Cooperative and Deathmatch

  • PUSS XXIV: Lover's Quarrel: Come and join us on this romantic stroll and kill some demons along the way! And hop into a Deathmatch or co-op server, with or without a valentine, to lose yourself in this world of love!

Cooperative only

BLOODWOLF did a list of cooperative wads, just right here.

  • Alien Vendetta: it's hard, and good :).
  • Chulonia Project: Hardcore Maps!
  • Doom Barracks Zone (DBZ): T R A I N.
  • Lost Civilization: A civilization was collapsed as people got into religion of "ignorant egoistic idiotism". Genetically modified cattle and food turned the people and animals to agressive zombies. But there were few survivors. How they weren't affected?
  • Prototype Invasion: Blast98 mini Invasion maps.
  • Slaughterfest Compilation (including 2011, 2012 and 2013): Slaughters Maps from the slaughter fest saga, best played in Chillax and MoP servers.
  • 1 more are down here, but they are separated from this section for some nsfw content.

Deathmatch only

  • AFTSDM: A dm map pack as a tribute for TSPG's inauguration :D
  • AeonDM: This is a spiritual sequel to Don't be a Bitch Last Man Standing.
  • Culling Strike: Culling Strike is a Zandronum-based Deathmatch community project brought to you by the Hellforge community, aimed at utilizing some of Makkon's texture packs along with Tango's Supercharge mod! This combination brings together high quality textures and blistering gameplay in a modern take on Deathmatch that you yourself can help shape!
  • Don't be a Bitch (Diet Edition): From LMS to DM, and now compatible with ZDaemon and Zandronum.
  • Duel40: Pick your SSG and fight. No excuses.
  • Greenwar DM: DM old school maps for you.
  • NeonDM: This is another spiritual sequel to Don't be a Bitch Last Man Standing but also AeonDM because apparently 66 maps are simply not enough.
  • Unidoom DM X: 32 of the best, most well-tested classic deathmatch maps ever produced.

Custom compilations

  • Compendium: Lexicon, but with more classic megawads.
  • Danny 420 Ultimate map pack: Maps used by Metal Danny 420 for his games.
  • Rampage Super Pub:: A compilation of many popular CTF mapsets for public/large CTF matches
  • CTFMania: An insane (897 to be exact) amount of CTF maps of varying quality.
  • Lexicon: This project is intended to be a megawad complation that will contain some of the most popular and fun mapsets. This will also contain short mapsets also.

Madcat mods

This guy right here, more older than many of us, did a lot of mods using mostly DECORATE and almost nothing on ACS. And, the one who made many mods that, nowdays they are feeling underappreciated by the new people. So, here it is some of the mods that this guy did. Check them out when you can!

  • Journey Into Fear: a RPG, Diablo II-like project that he has been working on from 2012 to 2020.
  • Madcat's Monster Customizer: Have you ever wished you could customize your own monster replacemenets...INGAME? Take an Arachnotron and give him a Chaingun? Or Take a Revenant and turn both his shoulder cannons into Railguns? With this tool it is possible.
  • Madcat's Morphers: Morphing classes with unique skills at the good style of Madcat's.
  • Madcat's Spritesheet Making wadfile: When he was lucky, the spritesheet only took an hour to make. When he was not lucky, it took weeks. He was looking for a way how to make the process shorter but he could not find any editor. So he made one by himself, so to speak. It may be unorthodox, but it works.
  • Madcat Sieges: The mod is similar to ZDoom Wars, but much, much more complicated. A player must gather resources such as gold, stone or wood to build some walls or weapon smith's buildings that provide weapons for his monsters.
  • Mad Grand Prix: Racing on doom but before they touched ACS.
  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows Mod: Its an imitation of a DOS game called Raptor: Call of the Shadows - a classic Shoot-em-up.
  • Snake game: Yes, snake, but in Doom, and in Madcat style.
  • SunMadcat's Monsters: If this guy is known for something. Is by the amount of creativity put in their custom monsters. With his own sprite work.
  • Warmunner/Quadignata: WIP
  • Warped Mechs: WIP

Incompatible mods

Mods that are not compatible to zandronum yet. But a past version of those mods might be available on the internet.

  • Project Brutality 3.0: Brutal doom too, but with more weapons and more brutal mechanics to be brutally murderous! Working version: 2.03.
  • Skulldash: Expanded Edition: Collect coins and race to the finish while shooting monsters in Doom. Working version: Skulldash (Base version).

NSFW mods

Even if they are offensive, strange, stupid, kinky or pretty much annoying. They worth a mention not because of the infamy of the mods, and the creators by themselves, but they worth a mention, because the effort behind them to put everything together and, create these masterpieces (in ther eyes of course). If you have a cool head with a lot of cocaine in your brains and holding a shotgun in your face, you might like them.

Just because they are here, does'nt mean they are great mods, you can easily ignore them and move on. Thank you.

This page will not provide the links for those mods. If you're intrested, go look for them by googling them yourself. Just remember that you're on your own now.

Minimal NSFW content

They are here, because there is some hidden +18 content in the files. But it's not the main theme, so these are the exception to the rule.

Skin packs

Maps and map packs

  • Invasion Unleashed: A set of invasion maps made by popular people, MiFU was one of them! (NSFW content in a hidden room at certain map that i'm not telling you where) [Banned from TSPG and EB unless patched]

Free-roam maps and Clan HQs

  • Shadow Maverics (SM) HQ: Striker's clan HQ, it's unique, and filled with slight shit. (It contains some hidden and toggleable NSFW content) [Banned from TSPG and EB, unless patched]
  • TK HQ: TK HeadQuarters, that clan where CaptainJ was in, and got some weapon sprites that made him the spriter that he is now. (It contains a whole room NSFW content that is toggleable through ACS) [Banned from TSPG and EB, unless patched]
Infamous and controversial mods

Mods that there are into a kind of controversy, or just heavily criticized by it's contents. [And here it is the reason of why they are here.]

Now that your eyes are descending into the madness, let me tell you that these mods below here and above are already banned from TSPG and EB, so do not bother in reuploading them, unless you want to get yourself master banned from Zandronum's master server.

  • Columbine Doom II: Recreation of a real massacre with a map based on footage of the real shootings [Offensive, based on real tragic events]
  • Doomguy2000's Warzone (insert mineral here) Edition: Terry wad, but... quite different than a terry wad. Still annoying, and yet. Unique. You will have to try to see the difference between the madness of a terry wad, and the insanity of doomguy2000's mind. [Terry-ish wad]
  • Grezzo 2: It's like Mario's character origins. If you know the joke, then you might figure out what is this. [Offensive, mocks at sensitive themes]
  • HDoom: Put hentai in Doom and that's your answer. [+18 content]
  • Moonman Doom: The early 2000's offensive slurs under a innocent McDonalds character. But now in Doom! [Offensive, Racist]
  • Whadafuck: Yeeah uuh just... don't think about it. [Racism, Offensive, gross, Rips, oh boy it's horrible.]

Malicious or dangerous mods

All kinds of mods who are known not only for their contents, but also by the harmful and destructive capabilities to mess up your zandronum settings. Remember: If you're looking for them on Google, you are on your own.

  • UAC Military Nightmare (UACMN) 1 and 2: The ultimate terry wad. What? you don't know what is a terry wad? lucky bastard.