Cooperative WADs

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Work in Progress

WADs That Qualify

This list is comprised of Cacoward winners along with runner-ups that were made with player 1-4 map starts and do not have any soft-locks that would break the map during cooperative play.

Partial and Total Conversions

  • Partial conversions like simple HiDef textures, monster, decorations, or weapon replacer mods.
  • Total conversions add and or change all four categories (Brutal Doom and similar mods), which significantly reduce the WADs that they can be played with. Usually only being compatible with map-only WADs that change nothing else inside the game.

This list is broken-up into three sections depending on the contents of each WAD to give you an idea on whether it can be run with a partial conversion, total conversion, or if it must be strictly vanilla to play.

  1. Map-Only WADs which do not replace any monsters or textures and are safe to use with partial and total conversions.
  2. Map & Textures WADs which may change the vanilla doom textures and or add completely new textures to the game. These WADs generally will conflict with a HiDef texture mod, but monster, decoration, and weapon replacer mods will be safe to run with these.
  3. Partial & Total Conversion WADs which add or change textures along with decorations, monsters, or weapons, making them incompatible with other partial and total conversions due to conflicts with multiple mods overwriting the same actor in the code. There are some WADs that change the Cyberdemon, for example, adding A_KEENDIE to its death state, which one or more maps may depend on to open or lower a door to the exit after every Cyberdemon has died to complete the level. So any partial or total conversion that you attempt to run alongside will conflict and break the map if it overwrites the Cyberdemon monster as well.

Map-Only WADs

Map & Textures WADs

Partial & Total Conversions

  • Aliens TC 2017 doom.wad + aliens_(tc)_2017_v1.3.pk3 Total conversion
  • Dark 7 Mission Pack doom2.wad + dark7mpk.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • The Brotherhood of Ruin doom2.wad + ruinbros.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • Deus Vult doom2.wad + dv.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • Scythe 2 doom2.wad + scythe2v2.wad Maps, textures, and monsters
  • Deus Vult 2 doom2.wad + dvii-1i.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Mapgame doom.wad + mapgame.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Jenesis doom2.wad + jenesis.wad Maps, textures, and monsters
  • Doom 2 the Way ID Did doom2.wad + d2twid.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Stardate 20X6 doom2.wad + stardate20x6.wad Maps, textures, sprites, and dynamic lights attached to various actors
  • Swim With The Whales doom2.wad + swtw.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and dynamic lights attached to various actors
  • Unholy Realms doom2.wad + ur_final.wad Maps, textures, and monsters (Cyberdemon with A_KeenDie death states)
  • Back to Saturn X Episode 2 doom2.wad + btsx_e2.wad Maps, textures, and monsters
  • Going Down doom2.wad + gd.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Resurgence doom2.wad + resurge.wad Maps, textures, and monsters
  • Sunlust doom2.wad + sunlust.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • Valiant: Vaccinated Edition doom2.wad + valve.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Ancient Aliens doom2.wad + aaliens.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • TNT: Revilution tnt.wad + tntr.wad Maps, textures, and monsters
  • Eviternity doom2.wad + eviternity.wad Maps, textures, decorations, and monsters
  • Atmospheric Extinction doom2.wad + vel_aex.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • Doom 2 In Spain Only doom2.wad + d2isov2.wad Maps, textures, and decorations
  • DBP37: Auger;Zenith doom2.wad + dbp37_augzen.wad Total Conversion

Why Isn't My Favorite WAD On This List?

The most common culprit disqualifying a WAD from this list is from lock-in traps that break the map. For example, if one or more players enter a trap room, trigger the lock-in trap, whether it be bars or a door closing and locking the players in, and then those players die while inside, leaving the rest of the team locked outside, unable to reenter the room to retrieve a key, or that critical section of the map is now blocked off preventing the remaining players from exiting the level.

Many other WADs not included on this list specifically state in their descriptions that they are single-player only and may only have one player start on each map, which would cause the players to telefrag each other on map start during a coop game. The WAD author has given no thought to cooperative-play and, more than likely, the whole WAD is full of lock-in traps.