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22 August 2022

  • curprev 17:5617:56, 22 August 2022DrinkyBird talk contribsm 1,112 bytes −8 Less 'you' Tag: Source edit
  • curprev 17:3417:34, 22 August 2022DrinkyBird talk contribs 1,120 bytes +103 No edit summary Tag: Source edit
  • curprev 17:0917:09, 22 August 2022DrinkyBird talk contribs 1,017 bytes +1,017 Created page with "'''SECTINFO''' is a special lump originating from ZDaemon that allows applying proprterties to sectors in a map. In Zandronum, it has two properties: * <tt>name</tt> allows you to name specific areas of your map. * <tt>points</tt> allows creating Domination points. ZDaemon also has the <tt>base0</tt> and <tt>base1</tt> properties, for defining the bases of the red and blue teams respecitvely. These properties are not used by Zandronum and will b..." Tag: Source edit