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This article documents a Zandronum-specific special lump which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.

ANCRINFO is a special lump that allows the definition of custom announcers.


The ANCRINFO lump takes the following format:

    name = "Announcer Name"
    event = "myannouncer/event"
    somethinghappens = "myannouncer/anothersound"

Essentially, it is a map of arbitrary keys to SNDINFO keys. There is only one reserved key, name, which sets the name of the announcer. All other keys will be announcer sounds. Multiple announcers can be declared in a single ANCRINFO lump.

Zandronum keys

Zandronum uses the following announcer keys. Mods can also use their own announcer keys and play them with AnnouncerSound. It is not required for any custom announcer to define any of these keys.

Key Description
accuracy Awarded the "Accuracy" medal.
assist Awarded the "Assist" medal.
blueflagdropped When the blue flag has been dropped.
blueflagreturned When the blue flag is returned to it's original location.
blueflagtaken When someone takes the blue flag.
blueleads When the blue team takes the lead.
bluescores When the blue team scores (CTF, Skulltag etc.)
blueskulldropped When the blue skull has been dropped.
blueskullreturned When the blue skull is returned to it's original location.
blueskulltaken When someone takes the blue skull.
capture Awarded the "Capture" medal.
defense Awarded the "Defence" medal.
domination Awarded the "Domination" medal.
doomsphere Picked up a Doom Sphere.
drain Picked up a Drain Rune.
excellent Awarded the "Excellent" medal.
fight "Fight!" after the countdown before the game starts.
firstfrag Awarded the "First Frag" medal.
fisting Awarded the "Fisting" medal.
fiveminutewarning Five minutes of the current game remain.
gaurdsphere Picked up a GuardSphere.
haste Picked up a Haste Rune.
highjump Picked up a High jump Rune.
impressive Awarded the "Impressive" medal.
incredible Awarded the "Incredible" medal.
invisibility Picked up a Invisibility Sphere.
invulnerability Picked up a Invulnerability Sphere.
llama Awarded the "Llama" medal.
megasphere Picked up a Mega Sphere.
mostimpressive Awarded the "Most Impressive" medal.
nextroundin Countdown to the next round.
one "One". Countdown to the game.
onefragleft When a player has one frag left to win the game.
oneminutewarning One minute of the game remains.
partialinvisibility Picked up a Partial Invisibility Sphere.
perfect Awarded the "Perfect" medal.
possessionartifactdropped When the possesion artifact is picked up in the Possesion gamemode.
possessionartifactpickedup When the possesion artifact is droped up in the Possesion gamemode.
precision Awarded the "Precision" medal.
preparetofight "Prepare to fight!" Before a game begins, usually after another has ended.
prosperity Picked up a Prosperity Rune.
rage Picked up a Rage Rune.
redflagdropped When the red flag has been dropped.
redflagreturned When the red flag is returned to it's original location.
redflagtaken When the red flag has been taken.
redleads When the red team takes the lead.
redscores When the read team scores (Skulltag, CTF etc.)
redskulldropped When the red skull has been dropped.
redskullreturned When the red skull is returned to it's original location.
redskulltaken When the red skull has been taken.
reflection Picked up a Reflection Rune.
regeneration Picked up a Regeneration Rune.
resistance Picked up a Resistance Rune.
soulsphere Picked up a Soul Sphere.
spam Awarded the "Spam" medal.
spread Picked up a Spread Rune.
strength Picked up a Strength Rune.
tag When you score in the Skulltag gamemode
teamsaretied When the score becomes tied in team games (Skulltag, CTF etc.)
termination Awarded the "Termination" medal.
terminator Picked up the Terminator Sphere.
theenemyhastheflag When your team's flag is taken in the Capture The Flag Gamemode.
three "Three". Countdown for the game to start.
threefragsleft When a player has three frags remaining.
timefreeze Picked up a Time Freeze Sphere.
totaldomination Awarded the "Total Domination" medal.
turbosphere Picked up a Turbo Sphere.
two "Two". Countdown before the game begins.
twofragsleft When a player has two frags remaining.
victory When you successfully beat your opponent in a duel.
votefailed The current vote failed.
votenow A new vote started.
votepassed If the vote was sucessful.
welcometoctf Welcome message at the start of a CTF game.
welcometooneflagctf Welcome message at the start of a one flag CTF game.
welcometost Welcome message at the start of a SkullTag game.
whiteflagreturned When the white flag is returned in the One Flag CTF gamemode.
youaretiedforthelead When you have the same amount of frags as the leader.
youfailit Awarded the "You fail it" medal.
youhavetheflag When you pick up the Enemy flag/ White flag in Capture the flag/One Flag CTF.
yourskillisnotenough Awarded the "Your skill is not enough" medal.
yourteamhastheflag When someone on your team picks up the Enemy flag/White flag in Capture the flag/One Flag CTF.
youvelostthelead When you were in the lead but another player has taken it.
youvetakenthelead When you overtake the leader in frags.
youwin When you win the game.

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