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This article documents a Zandronum-specific special lump which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.

BOTINFO is a lump used to define bots in Zandronum. Bots are defined between closing and opening braces, like so:



The following properties can be used when defining a bot.

  • name
The name of your bot. Can be used with print color codes.
  • script
The bot script to use with the bot. Bot scripts give bots certain properties, such as making them slower or taunt more often. Allowed values for Zandronum 3.0: CRASHBOT, DFULTBOT, FATBOT, HUMANBOT, SAUSGBOT
  • chatfile
The path and filename to the Bot's chat file usually in \bots\chatfiles\. Long filenames may cause a crash.
  • gender
The gender of your bot. Can be male, female or neither.
  • color
The skin color of the bot in "RR GG BB" format.
  • colorset
The name of the colorset the bot will use. By default, this is set to custom, meaning that color is used instead. If the class doesn't have the colorset, then it's automatically set to custom.
  • railcolor
The color of the bot's Railgun. Possible values are blue, red, green, silver, gold, yellow, purple, black, white, orange and rainbow.
  • skin
The skin of the bot, either defined in S_SKIN or SKININFO.
  • class
The prefered Class of the bot. For Hexen it can be Random, Fighter, Cleric or Mage. Custom player classes are supported too. Remember to type the class' display name rather than its ACTOR name.
  • revealed
Determines if the bot is 'hidden' from selection in the 'Select bots' list in Skirmish. Can be true or false.
  • favoriteweapon
The bot's favorite weapon. The bot will usually try to get their weapon first.
  • chatfrequency
How often the bot will say things from chatfile or chatlump. Value can be 1 to 100.
  • chatlump
An alternative to chatfile, which is instead a lump inside the wad file.
  • accuracy
How accurate the bot is with hitscan weapons. Value can be 0 to 4.
  • intellect
How "smart" the bot is. Smarter bots will be able to predict where to fire projectile weapons and hit dodging players better. Values can be 0 to 4. (The incorrect spelling "intelect" also works)
  • evade
How well the bot can dodge projectiles. Values can be 0 to 4.
  • anticipation
How well the bot can anticipate shots from hitscan weapons. Value can be 0 to 4.
  • reactiontime
How well the bot can react to what is happening (being shot at etc). Value can be 0 to 4.
  • perception
How well the bot knows where his enemies are. Value can be 0 to 4.


    name = "\clSIR VANQUISHABLE"
    script = HUMANBOT
    chatlump = MYBOT1
    gender = male
    color = "BF 77 00"
    railcolor = "red"
    skin = "Doomcrate"
    class = "fighter"
    revealed = true
    accuracy = 3
    intelect = 1
    evade = 4
    anticipation = 1
    reactiontime = 3
    perception = 2
    chatfrequency = 100
    favoriteweapon = "shotgun"