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This is a current list of Zandronum contributors.


  • Torr Samaho: Lead developer
  • Blzut3: Port developer, Doomseeker developer, webmaster
  • Dusk: Port developer, forum moderator
  • Edward-san: Port developer, tester
  • bond: Internet Doom Explorer developer
  • Zalewa: Doomseeker developer


  • AlexMax: involved in making Zandronum open source, also known for Funcrusher
  • csnxs: Wiki maintainer and host
  • Dark-Assassin: Website maintainer
  • Fused: Forum moderator
  • HTG: Forum moderator, IRC operator
  • infernus: Forum moderator
  • legion: Forum moderator
  • Mazter: Forum moderator
  • MiFU: Admin of literally everything, also known for The Sentinel's Playground
  • Razgriz: Forum moderator
  • TerminusEst13: Forum moderator
  • The Toxic Avenger: Forum moderator
  • Grymmoire: IRC operator
  • Konar6: IRC operator
  • TheMisterCat: IRC administrator
  • WaTaKiD: Master server admin


  • Tiger: former wiki maintainer