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This article documents a Zandronum-specific ACS feature which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.
This article documents an ACS function which is only available in development builds of Zandronum 3.2 and newer.

int GetPlayerStatus (int player)


Returns a player's status, which is typically represented as an icon above their head.


  • player: The player number to get the status of.

Return value

Returns an integer which can contain the following bits:

Bit Value Name Description
1 1 STATUS_CHATTING The player is typing in text chat.
2 2 STATUS_TALKING The player is speaking in voice chat.
3 4 STATUS_INCONSOLE The player is using the console.
4 8 STATUS_INMENU The player is in the menu.
5 16 STATUS_LAGGING The player is lagging.

If the player index is invalid, this function returns 0.


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