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Zandronum SkulltagOverlay.png Warning: This feature is Zandronum specific and may not supported by ZDoom and its other child ports!
Documentation may not be accurate, see ACS Functions.

int GetTeamProperty (int team, int prop)



  • team: The team number to get the information of.
  • prop: One of:
  • TPROP_NumLivePlayers
Returns number of live players remaining on this team.
  • TPROP_IsValid
Whether the team is valid and can be joined to.
  • TPROP_Score
Returns the effective score of this team. This is frags in team deathmatch, wins in TLMS, flags in CTF, etc.
  • TPROP_TextColor
Text color for the team. This returns a "color range" identifier, which can be used in the color field in HudMessage.
  • TPROP_PlayerStartNum
Returns the id of what the team spawns on.
  • TPROP_Spread
Returns the spread of points between teams.
  • TPROP_Assister
The player who returned the team's item. If a score occurrs, this person will get an Assist medal. -1 if nobody is eligible for an assist.
  • TPROP_Carrier
The enemy player carrying this team's item. -1 if team item is not stolen.
  • TPROP_FragCount
Returns total frags of this team.
  • TPROP_DeathCount
Returns total deaths of this team.
  • TPROP_WinCount
Returns total wins.of this team. (TLMS)
  • TPROP_PointCount
Returns total point count of this team. (CTF, Skulltag, Possession, Teamgame)
  • TPROP_ReturnTics
How many tics until the dropped team item will be automatically returned to its pedestal. 0 if the team item is not dropped in the first place.
  • TPROP_NumPlayers
Returns number of players on a team.
  • TPROP_TeamItem
Dynamic string containing the class name of the team item, such as BlueFlag.
  • TPROP_WinnerTheme
Dynamic string containing the music played for members of this team if this team won.
  • TPROP_LoserTheme
Dynamic string containing the music played for members of this team if this team lost.
  • TPROP_Name
Dynamic string containing the name of team.

Return value

Returns the requested property of the specified team.

TPROP_Name, TPROP_TeamItem, TPROP_WinnerTheme, TPROP_LoserTheme are dynamic strings akin to those returned by ZDoom Icon 16x16.png StrParam: after one tick, they expire.


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