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Zandronum SkulltagOverlay.png Warning: This feature is Zandronum specific and may not supported by ZDoom and its other child ports!
Documentation may not be accurate, see ACS Functions.

int GetTimeProperty (int timestamp, int which[, int utc])



  • timestamp: The timestamp to localize.
  • which: Which attribute to return.
  • utc: If true, the timestamp will be localized using the UTC timezone, local timezone otherwise

Time properties

Property Range Description
TM_SECOND (0) [0 - 61] Seconds.
Result is generally within [0, 59] but may very rarely exceed due to leap seconds.
TM_MINUTE (1) [0 - 59] Minutes
TM_HOUR (2) [0, 23] Hours
TM_DAY (3) [0, 30] Days
TM_MONTH (4) [0, 11] Month of the year
TM_YEAR (5) [1901, 2038] Year
TM_WEEKDAY (6) [0, 6] Weekday (Sunday is 0)

Result value

Localizes the given timestamp and returns an attribute of it.

Note that due to ACS's limitations, the timestamp is suspectible to the year 2038 problem.


The following script checks if the game is being played on a Thursday the 20th.

1script 1 OPEN
3    if (GetTimeProperty(SystemTime(), TM_WEEKDAY) == 4 && GetTimeProperty(SystemTime(), TM_DAY) == 20)
4        PrintBold(s:"Happy Thursday the 20th!");

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