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Connected to Zandronum's IRC Network with XChat

Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) is the one of the best ways to communicate with anyone across the globe in real time. Most of the users that play within Zandronum usually connects to the Zandronum IRC network. Additionally, as IRC is adjacent to any other chat like environment, it is command-line driven and usually not graphically driven with icons. Thus, to really get around IRC, the user must utilize commands to accomplish this. Furthermore, there is a lot of software with IRC support. Some server browsers such as Internet Doom Explorer and Doomseeker support IRC, but yet - there is an abundance of software available.


Listed below is some of the software that can work within the IRC environment, but there is always more programs available.

Free and\or FoSS

For Doom

  • Internet Doom Explorer for Windows, which is also a server browser
  • Doomseeker for multiple platforms, also a server browser, which is usually included with Zandronum's download packages
  • ZRC for Windows. ZRC is a standalone version of the IRC client embedded in IDE, more info about ZRC can be found on IDE's page

For general use



Connected to Zandronum's IRC Network with WeeChat
  • WeeChat is a flexible text-based IRC client.


Web IRC Chat

  • Mibbit, an IRC client in your browser, no special software needed. Click here to connect directly to the main Zandronum channel

Connecting to Zandronum's IRC Network

Location Server IP IPv6
London, UK 2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe96:1782
Texas, US 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe93:b98d
Ports Available Description
6667, 6668, 6669, 6677, 6678, 6679, 9750, 9759 Standard Port
6697 or 9999 Secure connection using SSL

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