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Zandronum is one of the few ZDoom based ports with stable multiplayer support! As other ports such as ZDaemon and Odamex do have multiplayer support, they are only based on an ancient version of ZDoom. Zandronum, in contrast, tries to keep up with the latest ZDoom changes and continues to progress giving the users a new feel of Doom with many new features! Moreover, Zandronum is a great way to play with friends or just to play with other clients around the world, in either cooperative, survival, or maybe in Deathmatch! As Zandronum has rather large player base and is one of the large server populated games, you will hardly ever get bored!

Zandronum Videos

The guides below are separated for specific Operating Systems and installation method. The tutorials will help assist on how to install Zandronum onto the system, and get you playing on Zandronum!

Windows® Logo 2002 Microsoft® Windows®

Requires Windows 2000 or newer.

Linux Linux®

Ubuntu Ubuntu®


Arch Linux Arch Linux®

FreeBSD FreeBSD®

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