List of DECORATE functions in Zandronum

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This page contains a list of DECORATE functions which are currently supported in Zandronum. Please be aware that this page is updated manually and therefore can be missing functions. For the most up to date version, you can check the actor files in the Zandronum source code.

Zandronum exclusive functions

Classic attack functions

Doom functions‎‎

Freeze death functions‎

Generic Attack functions

Heretic functions‎‎

Hexen functions‎‎

Internal functions‎‎

Inventory functions‎‎

Jump functions‎‎

Missile movement functions‎

Monster AI functions‎‎‎

Script functions‎‎

Sound functions‎‎‎

Spawn functions‎‎‎

Special action functions‎

Status change functions‎

Strife functions‎

Weapon attack functions‎

Weapon functions‎