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MAPINFO is a special lump that allows defining information about maps, and configuring other game settings. It has received a few extensions in Zandronum:

Map definition

See also: MAPINFO/Map definition
Property Description
NoBotNodes Disables the generation of nodes for Skulltag bots on this level.


Marks this map as a lobby, which invokes some special behaviours when playing this map:
  • Countdowns are disabled.
  • Bots will not spawn.
  • Teams will be cleared on map start.
  • Exiting the map will not kill the player.
  • The time limit will be disabled.

GameInfo definition

See also: MAPINFO/GameInfo definition
Property Description
AddCustomData = "<name>", "<type>", <default> (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Add a custom player data field for the scoreboard. name is the name of your field. type is either int, bool, float, string, color, or texture. default is the default value of your field.
ForceSpawnEventScripts = <bool> Forces EVENT scripts of type GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_SPAWNED to run for all actors, except for those with the NOSPAWNEVENTSCRIPT actor flag, actors that have either the NOBLOCKMAP (except projectiles and puffs) or NOSECTOR flags enabled, or inherit from HexenArmor.
ForceDamageEventScripts = <bool> Forces EVENT scripts of type GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_DAMAGED to run for all actors, except for those with the NODAMAGEEVENTSCRIPT actor flag.