Master Server

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The master server is a dedicated server responsible for collecting the connection information (IP address and port) of all available game servers and providing that to the users. Keeping a list of all online servers available at the master server centralizes Zandronum servers and simplifies users’ browsing experience. For example, when a user executes Internet Doom Explorer, its first step is to communicate with the master server and retrieve a complete list of all of the game servers available. If the master server is either offline or denied communication, the server browser will not be able to retrieve a new server list, instead using an older cached list or displaying no game servers. Furthermore, the master server has the capability to deny any communication or ban. Typical reasons for being banned from the master server include racial or sexual harassment and utilizing external applications to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Broadcasting to the Master Server

In order to be included on the master server list, game servers first have to broadcast their IP and port number to the master server. Broadcasting is subject to certain console variables:

This must be true for the game server to be broadcast to the master at all. If false, the server will be private, but players can still connect to the game server if the host provides them with the IP and port in some other way.
If true, then players banned from the master will also be banned from this server. According to current policy, servers that set this to false will be hidden from the master (as if sv_updatemaster were false).
This determines which master server Zandronum will use from the list below.

Master Server Addresses

Community Name Trusted Rules and Specifics Address
Zandronum Yes Provided within the Zandronum Forums