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Zandronum SkulltagOverlay.png Warning: This feature is Zandronum specific and may not supported by ZDoom and its other child ports!
Documentation may not be accurate, see ACS Functions.

int PlayerTeam (void)


This function returns the activator's team, or the amount of teams if the player is not on a team. This is equivalent to ZDoom Wiki GetPlayerInfo(PlayerNumber(), PLAYERINFO_TEAM)

  • TEAM_BLUE = 0
The player is on the Blue team.
  • TEAM_RED = 1
The player is on the Red team.
  • 2
The player is on the Green team.
  • 3
The player is on the Gold team.

Note: This always returns 0 in a CLIENTSIDE script. Use GetPlayerInfo(ConsolePlayerNumber(), PLAYERINFO_TEAM) instead.


 1Script 1 ENTER
 3    if (PlayerTeam() == TEAM_BLUE)
 4        Print(s:"You're on the blue team!");
 5    if (PlayerTeam() == TEAM_RED)
 6        Print(s:"You're on the red team!");
 7    if (PlayerTeam() == 2)
 8        Print(s:"You're on the green team!");
 9    if (PlayerTeam() == 3)
10        Print(s:"You're on the yellow team!");