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This article documents a Zandronum-specific ACS feature which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.

bool SetDeadSpectator (int playernumber, bool state)


Turns a player that is alive into a dead spectator, or vice versa. This function will only affect dead spectators or players that are alive; not true spectators. Additionally, a player cannot be forced to be a dead spectator if the game currently isn't in progress (i.e. waiting for players, or is in the countdown/results sequence). They may, however, be revived at anytime so as long as the game isn't in the results sequence.

If sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory is set, the dead spectator will be resurrected with the inventory they had before they died. If sv_samespawnspot is set, the dead spectator will be resurrected at their current location.


  • playernumber: Number of the player to effect
  • state: The state to set on the effected player (false = alive; true = dead spectator)

Return value

Returns true on success, false on failure.


This script will turn the player specified by pnum into a dead spectator if they are alive, or resurrect them if they are a dead spectator.

script 29999 (int pnum)
  if (PlayerIsSpectator(pnum) == 0) { SetDeadSpectator(pnum,1); }
  else if (PlayerIsSpectator(pnum) == 2) {  SetDeadSpectator(pnum,0); }

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