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Zandronum SkulltagOverlay.png Warning: This feature is Zandronum specific and may not supported by ZDoom and its other child ports!
Documentation may not be accurate, see ACS Functions.

int SetPlayerScore (int player, int type, int value)


Changes the score of a player. The type of score to be changed can be many things, whether it's their frag count, how many monsters they killed, how many times they died, etc.


  • player: The number of the player whose score we'd like to change.
  • type: Can be one of the following:
    • SCORE_FRAGS = 0, the player's frag count.
    • SCORE_POINTS = 1, the player's point count.
    • SCORE_WINS = 2, the player's win count.
    • SCORE_DEATHS = 3, how many times this player died.
    • SCORE_KILLS = 4, the number of monsters this player killed.
    • SCORE_ITEMS = 5, the number of items this player picked up.
    • SCORE_SECRETS = 6, the number of secrets this player found.
  • value: The new value we'd like to set for the score.

Return Value

Returns 1 if the player's score was successfully changed, 0 on failure (e.g. the player doesn't exist or an invalid type was passed).