Setting up testing versions

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Might as well not bother, right?

Sometimes you join a server, and your server browser says something about testing binaries. Or maybe Zandronum launches, but you see the message on the right. Don't just ignore the server! This guide will show you how to get your server browser to automatically download and install these testing releases for you.


As of Doomseeker 1.1, this is automatically set up for you ( Issue 2883 )!

Setting it up in Doomseeker is stupid simple.

It's here, if you can't find it
Like this
  1. Open Doomseeker if you haven't already
  2. Go to OptionsConfigure
  3. Click on Zandronum under Engines
  4. Check Testing Releases
  5. Set a directory for Doomseeker to put the testing releases in (make sure it's outside of Program Files; somewhere in your user directory will do)
  6. Click OK, and try to join a testing server!

Doom Explorer

Uh... yes I do!

Doom Explorer doesn't need any special set up. When you try to join a testing server, just press OK and it'll grab the binary for you!