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Command Default Description
[#] sv_adminlistfile "adminlist.txt" The admin list contains a list of IPs who are considered to be administrators on the server. Administrators can bypass the sv_maxclients limit and connect to the server even when it's full (up to the maximum of 64). Additionally, these administrators cannot be issued votekicks on.
[#] sv_afk2spec 0 If set, inactive (AFK) players will be forced to spectators after the specified number of minutes.
[#] sv_aircontrol 0.00390625 Defines the control a player has over his direction while in the air. See Air Control for how this is affected by the Compat_Limited_AirMovement flag.
[#] sv_allowprivatechat 1 Determines if clients are allowed to send private messages to each other or the host of the server.
  1. Private messaging is disabled.
  2. Players are allowed to privately chat with anyone on the server including the host.
  3. Players are only allowed to privately chat with their teammates. They cannot message the host either.
[#] sv_allowvoicechat 1 (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Controls whether voice chat is enabled. This variable has multiple possible values which control who can voice chat to who:
  1. Voice chat is disabled completely.
  2. Everyone can voice chat.
  3. Players can only voice chat with their teammates.
  4. Players and spectators chat separately.
[#] sv_artifactreturntime 30 Determines the amount of time the Terminator sphere or the Hellstone remains dropped before it is moved to a random map spot. Setting this to 0 will cause the artifact never to be returned in this manner.
[#] sv_banexemptionfile "whitelist.txt" Defines a whitelist, a list of IPs exempt from bans, this allows server admins to let innocent people caught within range ban enter the server. Additionally, any clients whose IP is on this list can never be votekicked from the server.
[#] sv_banfile "banlist.txt" Defines a blacklist, a list of banned IPs unwanted on the server. Anyone, whose IP is on this list, may not connect unless they are also on the whitelist.
[#] sv_banlistreparsetime 0 If set, the banlist, as well as the whitelist and the adminlist, are automatically reparsed from their files into memory every this many seconds. If 0, the files are only reparsed at server startup or manually. Useful for multi-server clusters.
[#] sv_broadcast true Whether the server will broadcast to the local area network.
[#] sv_cheats false Whether clients can use cheat commands on the server. Use with care! This CVar is not saved to the configuration and will be reset upon restarting the server. In addition, the CVar is 'latched' ,a new game has to be started with the map command to apply the sv_cheats change.
[#] sv_colorstripmethod 0 Whether color codes are stripped in the server console. This does not affect chat messages sent to other clients.
  1. Strips the colour codes from messages.
  2. Allows colour codes from messages.
  3. Leaves the \c<x> format in messages.
[#] sv_coop_damagefactor 1.0 Damage multiplier applied to all damage players recieve from monsters.dealt to players by monsters with this value.
[#] sv_coopspawnvoodoodolls true Whether Voodoo dolls are supported online.
  • Note: clients know nothing about the dolls, only the server does. Because of this, the dolls are invisible on the clients.
[#] sv_coopunassignedvoodoodolls true When set, all voodoo dolls are spawned when the map is loaded, no matter if the corresponding player is in the server or not. Furthermore, the dolls are not assigned to any player in this mode. Because of this they don't receive any damage and can't pick up any items, but this approach is more resistant to problems caused by ingame joining / leaving.
[#] sv_coopunassignedvoodoodollsfornplayers Max. players (64) Controls how many players does the voodoo doll cater for. Unassigned dolls are spawned for players 1 to N, where N is the value of this CVar. Dolls for players with a player number bigger than N are not spawned.
[#] sv_country "automatic" Sets the country of the server, which will be presented to server browsers. The value of this variable can be one of:
  • an ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code, for example GBR for the United Kingdom, USA for the United States
  • "automatic", to tell the launcher to use IP geolocation (default)
  • or "unknown".

Note that not all servers browsers support this feature and will use IP geolocation instead.

[#] sv_defaultdmflags true When true, the server will automatically set certain dmflags for certain game modes.
  • For deathmatch and team games (CTF, skulltag, one-flag CTF, etc), these flags are: weapons stay, items respawn, no monsters, no crouching, double ammo.
  • In cooperative, these flags are cleared.
  • For duel, these are exactly the same as the deathmatch ones with the addition of players spawning furthest from other players.
[#] sv_disableautohealth False Certain items for Heretic, Hexen and Strife have the ability to auto-trigger when the player's health drops below a certain percentage. Setting this CVAR to true will disable that behavior.
[#] sv_disallowspying false When false, this allows clients to spy on other players, even if they would be allowed to do so otherwise. This CVar is a flag on dmflags2.
[#] sv_disallowsuicide false Players may not kill themselves with the kill command. This is a flag on dmflags2.
[#] sv_dropstyle 0 Controls how items from monsters are dropped on the floor; whether in Doom or in Strife style. The Strife style generally tosses dropped items farther away.
  1. Leave the game's default
  2. Standard style
  3. Strife style
[#] sv_duelcountdowntime 10 How many seconds the 'warm up' lasts before a duel starts.
[#] sv_enforcebans true Whether the banlist is actually enforced or not.
[#] sv_enforcemasterbanlist true Whether the server enforces the master server's banlist. Servers may opt out of the master banlist enforcement by setting this to false, though such servers will not be broadcasted on the master.
[#] sv_fastweapons 0 How fast weapons fire.
  1. Normal
  2. 1 tic per weapon frame
  3. 1 tic per frame, frames without codepointers are skipped (that is quite fast)
[#] sv_flagreturntime 15 How long will a flag or skull remain on the ground when dropped before it is automatically returned back to its original position.
[#] sv_forcejoinpassword false Whether clients must supply a join password in order to join the game. Clients without the proper join password may still spectate freely. Clients can set join password can be set in multiplayer options.
[#] sv_forcepassword false Whether clients must supply the correct password in order to connect to the server. Unline the join password, clients cannot enter the server at all without the correct password, enforcing stricter privacy.
[#] sv_gravity 800 How strong gravity is present in the game world. Higher values creates stronger gravity, lesser values create lighter gravity.
[#] sv_hostemail "" (empty) This CVar allows the ability for the clients to send an e-mail to the administrator of the server.
[#] sv_hostname "Unnamed Zandronum server" A given name for the server. This is the display name the server has on the master server list.
[#] sv_invasioncountdowntime 10 How many seconds of 'warm-up' time before the invasion game starts and when the next wave begins.
[#] sv_joinpassword "password" The join password string the clients must supply in order to join the game. Enforced by sv_forcejoinpassword.
[#] sv_killallmonsters_percentage 100 How much of the monsters have to be killed before the level can be exited. This is a percentage value. sv_killallmonsters has to be set to true for this to be actually enforced.
[#] sv_limitcommands true Enables/Disables the client commands flooding protection and prevents clients from Repeatedly using Commands over and over again. Setting this to false will disable all restrictions on commands and new commands may be used right after the previous ones.
[#] sv_lmscountdowntime 10 How many seconds of 'warm-up' time before a new LMS match starts.
[#] sv_logfile_append false If a logfile with the exact same name is present, the server will merely add into the log file without over writing the previous logfile.
[#] sv_logfilenametimestamp true When generating a new log file, the server will append the time and date to the end of the logfile name.
[#] sv_logfiletimestamp true The server logfile is written containing time stamps at every new line. This does not affect the server console.
[#] sv_logfiletimestamp_usedate false The current date will be prepended to the per-line timestamp of the logfile in the format of "YY:MM:DD".
[#] sv_measureoutboundtraffic false Measures how much bandwidth is used for both ACS scripts and actor classes. The console command dumptrafficmeasure prints the results.

This is useful mostly for mod developers for identifying and debugging bandwidth hogs. See Measuring outbound traffic for a tutorial.

[#] sv_maprotation true The server will use a map rotation list to determine the campaign instead of any other method. The server will advance go to any other map that was not specified in the list.
[#] sv_markchatlines false All chat messages within the server console contain a 'CHAT' tag before the typed message from the clients. This can be very useful for reading the logfiles or for making bots that parse chat messages.
[#] sv_maxacsbanduration 0 (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Determines the maximum amount of time, in minutes, that mods can ban players for using the BanFromGame ACS function. A value of zero means that mods are forbidden from banning players.
[#] sv_maxclients 32 The server only allows this many clients to connect to the server. If the server is full, any new clients will not be able to connect.

Note: in older versions, the maximum supported amount of players was 32 and was increased to 64 in the 1.0 release. Since older mods may assume the limit to remain 32, the default remains 32.

[#] sv_maxclientsperip 2 How many players with the same IP can enter the server.
[#] sv_maxlives 0 Amount of lives on the server. This CVar is only meaningful in survival and invasion. In survival, the default value of 0 is intepreted as one life. In invasion, setting this variable above 0 will cause the game to become survival invasion, setting it to 0 results in normal invasion with unlimited lives.

A player loses a life when dying in survival, once all lives are lost, the player is considered dead and is forced to spectate for the rest of the match.

[#] sv_maxpacketsize 1024 How much data, in bytes, can be stored in an UDP packet. If packet size is small while network usage is high, this can cause the server to overload during transmissions of the small packets. However, if the packet size is too large, newly connecting clients may not be able to process the packets quickly enough.
[#] sv_maxplayers 32 This many players can join the game, the rest are forced to spectate. Compare sv_maxclients. The same logic for the default also applies.
[#] sv_maxproximityrolloffdist 200 (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Controls the distance at which proximity voice chat is no longer audible.
[#] sv_maxteams 2 Maximum amount of teams allowed. This CVar can be increased to allow 3 or 4 team matches. However, this only works if the map supports as many teams as desired.
[#] sv_minimizetosystray true The server console window will be minimized and hidden into the system tray. (Windows only)
[#] sv_minproximityrolloffdist 200 (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Controls the distance at which proximity voice chat will begin rolling off (becoming quieter).
[#] sv_minvoters 1 How many players are needed in the server in order to call a vote.
[#] sv_motd "" Sets a message of the day on the server, a welcome message printed on clients upon connection. Generally used to display rules and/or admin contact information.

Clients may call the motd command to redisplay the message if desired.

[#] sv_nocallvote 0 This CVar allows to manage how votes take place.
  1. Voting is enabled.
  2. No votes can be called whatsoever.
  3. Only allow players to vote, spectators have no word.
[#] sv_nochangemapvote false Disables all changemap votes. However, map votes may still be called unless sv_nomapvote is set.
[#] sv_nodrop false If set, clients may not drop items. Items may never be dropped in duels.
[#] sv_noduellimitvote false Disables all votes to change the duel limit.
[#] sv_noflagvote true Disables all DMFlag votes.
[#] sv_noforcespecvote false Disables all votes to force players to Spec by voting.
[#] sv_nofraglimitvote false Disables all votes to change the frag limit.
[#] sv_nokickvote false Disables all votes to kick players.
[#] sv_nokill false Players may not kill themselves.
[#] sv_nomapvote false Disables all map votes. However, changemap votes may still be called unless sv_nochangemapvote is set.
[#] sv_nonextmapvote false Disables all nextmap votes. However, nextsecret votes may still be called unless sv_nonextsecretvote is set.
[#] sv_nonextsecretvote false Disables all nextsecret votes.
[#] sv_nopointlimitvote false Disables all votes to change the point limit.
[#] sv_notimelimitvote false Disables all votes to change the time limit.
[#] sv_nowinlimitvote false Disables all votes to change the LMS win limit.
[#] sv_password "password" The password string clients must give to the server if they desire to connect. This only is meaningful if sv_forcepassword is set.
[#] sv_possessioncountdowntime 10 How many seconds of 'warm-up' time before a new possession match starts.
[#] sv_possessionholdtime 30 How long a player must hold the Hellstone before scoring. The time is measured by seconds.
[#] sv_proximityvoicechat false (development version 3.2-alpha and above only) Enables proximity-based voice chat.
[#] sv_pure true If set, the server uses an authentication mechanism to ensure clients have the correct WADs. Even without this CVar set, the map is always verified. A server host should have no reason to disable this CVar aside of LAN play or testing.
[#] sv_queryignoretime 10 Server browsers query the servers on the master list for information such as ping, players, game settings, WADs used, etc. This CVar defines a flood throttle for this - a launcher client may not query the server again for this many seconds. This can help prevent DDoS attacks.
[#] sv_randomcoopstarts false If true, in cooperative game modes players are spawned at random player starts instead of the one designated for them.
[#] sv_randommaprotation false If set, the server will randomize the map rotation list instead of advancing through maps in sequence. Only meaningful if sv_maprotation is set too.
[#] sv_rconpassword "" Defines a password for RCON access on the server. Clients on the game server may use the send_password command to login to RCON and specialized rcon utility programs can also login to the server and control it remotely. If set to an empty string, RCON is disabled and the server can only be controlled from the server console.
[#] sv_respawndelaytime 1 How long a player must wait (in seconds) after dying before they can respawn. This doesn't apply to players who are spawn telefragged.
[#] sv_showlauncherqueries false If set, this CVar will display the IPs of clients quering the server. These clients are not joining the game, this is the server browser quering the servers for information. This CVar can be useful for debugging whether the server is on the master and whether clients can connect to it.
[#] sv_showwarnings false If set to true, some certain warning messages are shown. May cause flooding the log for certain mods and should only be used for debugging purposes.
[#] sv_smartaim 0 This value will affect the behaviour of auto-aiming:
  1. Autoaim will always target the nearest shootable thing.
  2. Tries to avoid shooting at allies and non-monster things.
  3. Auto-aim will never aim at friends.
  4. Auto-aim will only aim at a hostile monster
[#] sv_smoothplayers 0 If non-zero, enables the skip correction which tries to smooth the movement of players who are lagging on the server's end through extrapolation. The value represents the number of tics the server will try extrapolating a player, for up to 3 tics maximum.
[#] sv_suddendeath true When the time limit is hit and all teams have the same amount of score, this CVar causes sudden death to commence. The first team to score wins the game no matter what the pointlimit is set to. If unset, the game ends immediately once the timelimit hits and if teams have the same amount of score, the match is declared a draw.
[#] sv_survivalcountdowntime 10 Amount of warm-up in seconds in survival games.
[#] sv_timestamp false When true, the server console will contain a timestamp for all messages within the server console.
[#] sv_timestampformat 0 Formatting option for sv_timestamp:
  1. HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS (24 Hour Format)
  4. HOURS:MINUTES (24 Hour Format)
  6. HOURS:MINUTES am/pm
[#] sv_unlimited_pickup false When true, this allows players to pickup ammunition past maximum amounts.
[#] sv_updatemaster true If set, the server will identify itself to the master server and is broadcasted in the server list. If this variable is false, the server will remain private.
[#] sv_usemapsettingspossessionholdtime true If set, the hold time set in a map definition takes precedence over sv_possessionholdtime, if unset, the server CVar has the last word.
[#] sv_usemapsettingswavelimit true If set, the wave limit set in a map definition takes precedence over the wavelimit CVar.
[#] sv_useteamstartsindm false If set, team starts will be used as possible deatmatch starts in deathmatch gamemodes with teams. (TDM, TLMS)
[#] sv_useticbuffer true Instead of processing all commands of a client immediately, they are stored in a "ticbuffer". During each server tic, the server processes up to two sets of commands in this buffer for each client. This limits players to only executing 2 tics worth of shooting and movement commands per each server tic. This limits how jittery laggy players will be. Because each client's own displayed position is predicted, under any reasonable internet conditions the way a client perceives his own movement will be the same whether this variable is on or off. For all stable releases this variable is forced on. For experimental builds it is changeable.
[#] sv_votecooldown 5 Sets the cooldown between votes, in minutes. This stops players from flooding the server with votes. If set to 0, the cooldown is disabled and a vote may be called immediately after a prior one.
[#] sv_website "" Sets a website which defines a website for this server. Launchers will use this field as the primary download location for any PWADs they do not have. However, this only works if the website features direct download links for WADs; upload services such as SpeedyShare and FileFront do not and the clients must manually download the required files from them.

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