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This article documents a Zandronum-specific special lump which may not be supported by ZDoom and its other child ports.

CMPGNINF is a special lump used to define campaigns, allowing certain settings to be set for specific maps. It is required to create Invasion maps and is used for the singleplayer deathmatch campaign in Skulltag.


CMPGNINF has a very simple format:

    mapname = MAP01
    parameter = value
    parameter = value

Multiple blocks can be defined in a single lump.


  • mapname: The lump name of the map this campaign will apply to.
  • fraglimit: The default frag limit for this map. Used for the Deathmatch, Terminator, and Duel game modes.
  • timelimit: The default time limit for this map.
  • pointlimit: The default point limit for this map. Used for Possession, Capture the Flag, Skulltag, and Domination game modes.
  • duellimit: The default duel limit for this map. Used for the Duel game mode.
  • winlimit: The default win limit for this map. Used for the Last Man Standing game mode.
  • wavelimit: The number of waves in an Invasion map.
  • gamemode: The default game mode of the map.
  • dmflags: The default DMFlags of the map.
  • dmflags2: The default DMFlags2 of the map.
  • zadmflags: The default ZaDMFlags of the map.
  • compatflags: The default CompatFlags of the map.
  • compatflags2: The default CompatFlags2 of the map.
  • zacompatflags: The default ZaCompatFlags of the map.
  • playerteam: The name of the team the player will start on in singleplayer.
  • mustwinallduels: A boolean determining if the player must win all duels to proceed to the next map.
  • possessionholdtime: How long the Possession sphere must be held for a player to score a point.
  • instagib: A boolean that enables Instagib.
  • buckshot: A boolean that enables Buckshot.
  • bot[n]: Defines which bot will be used for bot n.
  • botteam[n]: Defines the team for a bot n.


The CMPGNINF lump used for Skulltag's maps can be viewed at Data:Skulltag CMPGNINF.