Creating a Game Server

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Want to host a Zandronum game server? This article will help guide the user into either creating a simple based personal game server or a dedicated game server. Choose the preferred method as to how to setup the game server.

Personal Game Server

Personal game servers is generally a game server being hosted within a home or lower-end network connections from a personal computer. In such cases, these servers are generally unreliable in terms of uptime and the stability within the game server's processing. Generally most users prefer to setup game servers through an application such as Internet Doom Explorer or even Doomseeker; as a result, the list below is some programs to help create a quick and simple game server.


Dedicated Game Server

Dedicated game servers is generally a game server that is being hosted either by a datacenter or in a much more stable and higher-end environment, with quality being omitted. The most usual approach and customizable, is by the CUI environment. Regardless of the Operating System or Network Operating System, command-line offers much more flexibility and broad settings for the user or users to utilize. Below is links to dedicated articles regarding creating a script to invoke the Zandronum engine and the linking to the configuration file.

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