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Zandronum SkulltagOverlay.png Warning: This feature is Zandronum specific and may not supported by ZDoom and its other child ports!
Documentation may not be accurate, see ACS Functions.

int GetMapRotationInfo (int position, int info)


Retrieves information on a particular entry in the map rotation, indicated by the position parameter. Use 0 to get information on the current map (printed in green when the maplist console command is used). The info parameter can be one of the following:

  • MAPROTATION_Name = 0

The name of the map (e.g. "Entryway").

  • MAPROTATION_LumpName = 1

The lump name of the map (e.g. "MAP01").

  • MAPROTATION_Used = 2

Whether or not this map has already been played. Used maps are printed in red when the maplist console command is used.

  • MAPROTATION_MinPlayers = 3

The minimum number of players required to load this level. If this is 0, then there's no minimum limit.

  • MAPROTATION_MaxPlayers = 4

The maximum number of players allowed to load this level. If this is 64, then there's no maximum limit.