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Runes are a category of powerup added in Skulltag. Unlike those of powerup spheres, runes’ powers have a permanent duration, but only one rune may be held by a player at any one time. Picking up a different rune will automatically replace any rune that the player already had. Because of their permanence, runes typically grant only half as much power as an analogous sphere. In the Cooperative and Survival game modes, runes will persist between levels.


Strength Rune

Doubles the damage done by the player.


Resistance Rune

Halves all damage done to the player.


Prosperity Rune

Allows the player to pick up all health items until his maximum health is reached. This results in medikits’ healing him beyond 100%, for example. On top of this, the carrier of this rune has his maximum health and maximum armour set to 250%.


Rage Rune

Increases (up to doubling) the player’s attack speed.

Note that Rage literally divides the duration of every frame of the player’s attack sequence by two. Unlike normal integer division (always rounding down to the next integer), halved durations are rounded up; therefore, any weapon with an odd duration in its attacking states will be sped up by a factor less than two.

These are the approximate factors by which sustained fire is sped up for each weapon:

Fist: 1.889
Chainsaw: 2.000
Pistol: 2.000
Shotgun: 1.682
SuperShotgun: 1.781
Chaingun: 2.000
Minigun: 2.000
RocketLauncher: 2.000
GrenadeLauncher: 2.000
PlasmaRifle: 1.500
Railgun: 2.000
BFG9000: 2.000
BFG10k: 2.000 (1.750 for charging alone)


Spread Rune

At no additional ammo cost the player fires three shots instead of one; one straight and the other two at 45 degree angles.


Regeneration Rune

Slowly regenerates the player’s health at a rate of 5 points per second up to his base health (as increased by max. health bonuses).


Reflection Rune

75% of the damage done to the player is inflicted upon the attacker, rounded down. Full damage is still done to the player.


Drain Rune

Gives half of the damage done by the player back to him as health.

High Jump

High Jump Rune

Doubles the player’s jump velocity (quadrupling jumping height).


Haste Rune

Doubles the player’s speed.

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