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Warning: The features listed in this article utilizes Skulltag resources that may or may not be compatible with Zandronum without including extra files!


The Minigun

  • Ammo Type: Clip
  • Ammo Included: 20
  • Ammo Usage: 1
  • Fire Rate (RPM): 1050
  • Bullet Damage: 5-15
  • Slot:4
  • Information: After the development of the Chaingun, UAC scientists sought to create a faster and yet still portable, weapon. Thus the Minigun was born. This weapon is twice as fast as the chaingun and can better reduce the chances of retaliation by the target. Be warned: a higher rate of fire means a faster rate of ammo consumption. Use this wisely.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher

  • Ammo Type: Rockets
  • Ammo Included: 2
  • Ammo Usage: 1
  • Fire Rate (RPM): 105
  • Grenade Damage: 20-160
  • Slot:5
  • Information: The Grenade Launcher, considered the counterpart of the Rocket Launcher, was at first confiscated due to it's risks, but was eventually put back into use. The grenade it fires lasts for 3 seconds and explodes after 3 bounces or on impact of any living being.


The Railgun

  • Ammo Type: Cell
  • Ammo Included: 40
  • Ammo Usage: 10
  • Fire Rate (RPM): 175
  • Rail Damage: 75 (200 in cooperative modes)
  • Slot:6
  • Information: The Railgun fires a light-speed spiraling plasma beam that rips through enemies before hitting a wall. The damage dealt on players ignores armor and does true damage. The rail colour can be changed via Player menu. Reloads after 4 shots. Shooting 2 hits in a row with the railgun without missing will trigger the impressive medal. Shooting 4 hits in a row with the railgun without missing will trigger the most impressive medal.

BFG 10000

The BFG 10000!

  • Ammo Type: Cell
  • Ammo Included: 40
  • Ammo Usage: 5
  • Fire Rate (RPM): 350
  • Blast Damage: 160-1280
  • Slot:7
  • Information: The most powerful weapon in the Skulltag arsenal, this rapid-fire BFG throws an explosive hitscan-plasma projectile at the expense of less ammo than a BFG 9000. Treat this weapon like a Rocket Launcher; avoid close combat.

Doom Weapons

You can read about the original Doom Weapons on the Doom WIKI!

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