Version history/1.2

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Zandronum 1.2
Release date 1 September 2013
Previous 1.1.1
Next 1.2.1

Zandronum 1.2 is a minor update for Zandronum that was released on 1 September 2013.


  • Revamped the authentication error messages: The server now reports which kind of authentication failed (i.e. protected lump or map) and reports a list of all loaded PWADs including their md5 checksums. The client also automatically logs the corresponding local values which should make it much easier to pinpoint the cause of an authentication error. [Torr Samaho]
  • Added compat_fullweaponlower to emulate vanilla without bundling it with another flag. [Water]
  • Added new dmflag "no medals", controlled by the new CVAR sv_nomedals. If this is true, clients are enforced not to show medals, i.e. behave as if cl_medals == 0. [Torr Samaho]


  • Fixed crashes related to loading many announcers. [Torr Samaho]
  • Fixed: +showscores did not always respond properly when viewing a demo. [Dusk]
  • Fixed: Monsters near a ledge sometimes appeared as constantly falling down and teleporting back on clients online. [Torr Samaho]
  • Fixed: Interpolation points and actor moves didn't work properly on clients after a map reset online. [Torr Samaho]
  • Fixed: Client side demo recording could crash the client. [Circunei Z, Torr Samaho]
  • Fixed a lastX/Y/Z desync between client and server. [Water]
  • Fixed: Calling a map/changemap vote with an existing non-map lump as argument caused the server to throw an error. [Torr Samaho]
  • Fixed: When a player carrying the flag died or disconnected, the flag was spawned on the floor instead of the actual Z position of the player. [Torr Samaho]
  • The commands "wait", "error", "error_fatal" and "crashout" can't be called by ConsoleCommand anymore. [Torr Samaho]