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Warning: The features listed in this article utilizes Skulltag resources that may or may not be compatible with Zandronum without including extra files!

Doom Sphere

Quadruples damage done by the player.

  • Player's screen goes saturated red. Player appears red.
  • All damage done by weapons is multiplied by 4.
  • Player is warned five seconds before the doomsphere runs out by a flashing screen, a la the radsuit and invulnerability effects.
  • Effect lasts for 25 seconds.

Turbo Sphere

Increases the speed of the player.

  • Player's speed and acceleration is quadrupled.
  • Player leaves a "motion blur" behind him as he runs.
  • Player is warned five seconds before the turbosphere runs out with a turbosphere icon flashing.
  • Effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Time-freeze Sphere

Temporarily stops time, enabling the (unaffected) player who picked it up to run rampant around the level.

  • Player's screen goes saturated gold.
  • All other players stop dead in their tracks.
  • All line specials/sector effects (like force fields and elevators) continue as normal.
  • Effect lasts for 12 seconds.

Invisibility Sphere

Makes the player almost totally invisible to the other players.

  • Player becomes 90% Transparent.
  • Weapons on the player's HUD also become 90% Transparent.
  • Effect lasts for 45 seconds.

Guard Sphere

Reduces all damage done to player by 3/4.

  • Player sees a greenish tint and appears greenish.
  • Effect lasts for 25 seconds.

Random Sphere

This sphere will give you a “random” one of the Soulsphere, Megasphere, Blursphere, and the Skulltag spheres above. In reality, the sphere given is not random, but whichever one was displaying when the player picked up the Random Powerup. The spheres always cycle in the same order, so a nimble player can choose whichever sphere he wants.

Level makers can specify exactly which spheres are available from a Random Powerup by setting its first argument as follows:

1    Megasphere
2    Soulsphere
4    Guardsphere
8    Blursphere
16   Timefreeze
32   Invisibility
64   Doomsphere
128  Turbosphere

Add up the number for each sphere you wish to allow; for example, a first argument of 11 will make the Random Powerup cycle through Megasphere, Soulsphere, and Blursphere, but none of the Skulltag spheres. For convenience, however, an argument of 0 enables all spheres rather than none.


The Terminator Sphere is only available during the Terminator Game mode.

  • Permanent quad damage "Until you die"
  • Full health and armour (200/200%)
  • Earn 10 frags for killing a Player that is a Terminator
    • The Terminator will lose 10 frags for suiciding!


The HellStone is only available during the Possession Game mode.

When you pick up the HellStone you will:

  • Lose all of your weapons
  • Not able to defend yourself
  • Try not to be killed!

After the timer on the top of the screen runs out while you are holding the HellStone, you will win a point!

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